Frequently Asked Questions

Who selects the performance date for each participant?

Participants can go to our events page and choose the event they would like to join.

How many performers can I sign up for at once?

While there is no limit to how many performers you can sign up for, you will need to submit a form for each one of them.

Who decides the order of each performance (the program)?

Programs are arranged by our musicians and although we try to honor the registrant's choice as much as possible, our musicians have the last word on the program order.

How long can one performance last? Can we use music or notes during the performance?

We recommend your individual performance to be no more than 7 minutes, although we give professional musicians a bit more time on stage. There are no requirements regarding using music or notes, but typically performance etiquette dictates sessions be performed by memory if possible.

Do you keep track of our contribution to the community such as volunteer hours?

Yes, we provide a summary report of performers. See the summary example below. The summary report is not for competition or level determination, but instead encourages participation at formal performances in our community. For example: Meagan is a 11 year old violin player, she has performed 7 times in our community service events, earned a total 11 volunteer hours, and was awarded a music achievement award at the MTV Performing Arts Center on November 24, 2019. The yellow stars show her progress and next steps, and the red heart encourages her to participate in more community service events with her violin skill.

What work is categorized as volunteer hours?

As long as you perform in a public accessible event or not for profit entity or organization the total number of session hours will be counted as volunteer hours. Also, if you work for a non profit doing administrative tasks or for preparation of public events, your work hours are also counted as volunteer hours. Please refer to the Presidential Service Award Page ( for more information. MusicNBrain is eligible to offer the Annual Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards to people who are over 5 years of age.

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