Want to become a new member? You're in the right place to apply.

We are excited to invite you to become a cherished member of MusicNBrain while enjoying the added benefit of a tax deduction. Your membership not only strengthens our mission to promote music education and enrich our community through the power of music but also provides you with valuable tax benefits.


Access to Exclusive Events

As a member, you will enjoy discounted or free tickets and priority access to our captivating concerts, workshops, master classes, and music-related events throughout the year.

  • Receive a 15% participation discount as a performer in local or online events.
  • Most of our events are free to audience members, however, there is a charge for select events, such as master classes. Being a member will allow you to purchase tickets at a discounted rate or in some cases or request free tickets. 
  • Priority access to the most popular events. Even in the most popular events we will make every effort to give a preferred time slot.
Educational Resources
  • Membership will allow you to connect with top teachers and coaches through events sponsored by MusicNBrain as well as other local events.
  • Future access to an extensive library of music resources, such as sheet music and tutorials to enhance your musical knowledge and skills.
Supporting Local Talent

MusicNBrain feels strongly about supporting local musicians, aspiring artists, and underserved communities by providing them with resources and opportunities to thrive in the world of music. Examples:

  • In the past we have provided help to young artists in planning concerts and fundraisers for cancer and autism research, by guiding them through the event planning stage and lending hands-on support. 
Volunteer Opportunities

Make a positive impact by participating in our various outreach programs, music education initiatives, and community service projects.

Community Involvement

Join a dynamic community of music enthusiasts, artists, and educators who share your passion for music. Network, collaborate, and build lasting connections with like-minded individuals.

Membership Fee

Individual Membership: $30 per year (includes up to two family members) 

Family Membership: $60 per year (includes up to four family members)

How to Join?

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Are you a professional musician or teacher?

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