Ignite Music Society

Ignite Music Society

We are a 501(c)(3) charity organization with EIN 87-1929944

Found in 2021, we are a group of pioneer music educators and musicians, who believe music learning means more than getting certification and winning competitions. We know that our society is longing for next generation leadership and superior creativity. However, there are not enough opportunities for our children from school to set them apart. iGnite Music Society is here to build a community for young musicians to grow and shine. We spread love, hope and positivity through charity musical events.

Let's ignite the world together!


We strive to ensure equal access to musical education, igniting the passion of young musicians as they embark on their individual musical journeys. Our mission is to not only nurture musical talent but also create a meaningful social impact through every note played. We are dedicated to fostering leadership, creativity, and social responsibility in the next generation of musicians, empowering them to find purpose and connection in their musical endeavors

Le Yu


Chloe Wang


Jinwei Sun

Composer in Residence