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TCAAT Music Competition - Hosted by Chiffon Ansemble & MusicNBrain(1-6pm PST)

Jun 12, 2022


Jun 12, 2022

2022 MusicNBrain Recital Series: Session 2 (10-12pm PST)

Sep 18, 2022


Sep 18, 2022

IGNITE Music Festival 2023 (Outdoor) 3-6pm

Oct 8, 2023


Oct 8, 2023

Please note: If you are signing up for multiple performers, you will need to submit a form for each one of them.



Step 1: Background
Performer Information:


Performance Type
Step 2: Performance Type
*When would you like to perform? We will do our best to schedule you at your preferred time. Choose one.
December 11

Beginner level preferred

Beginner or Intermediate level preferred

Intermediate level preferred

Registration open for advanced level,  age 12+ or by invitation

*What will your performance consist of?
If you chose instrument, what instrument will you be performing on?
*Describe your experience.


Performance Details
Step 3: Your Performance
Performance Information

Classical example:  Nocturne in Eb Major Op. 9 No. 2

Pop example:  "Someone Like You"

Classical example:  "Frederic Chopin"

Pop example:  "Adele"

*I acknowledge that changing my performance piece after Nov 20th, 2021 may result in me losing my spot.


Last step!
Step 4: Last step!
*Performance Method:
*If you are performing live on Zoom, would you like to attend a training session about optimizing audio quality for zoom performances?
*Do you want to do a 1 to 2 minute introduction about yourself and the piece you will be performing? You will be able to work out how to do this with your MC/HOST.
*Would you like to answer questions from the host?
How did you hear about us? If your teacher referred you, please add your teacher's name. (First time participants only)
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